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What is my IP?

A free, no-nonsense tool for obtaining precise information about your network-facing data

There are times when you need to find out your public IP address – in other words, your computer’s (or smartphone’s) unique identifier on the Web. For example, you might need to give your details to a tech support representative – who will be able to better help you with your web-based issue – or simply check if your VPN works.

This is where our free tool comes in handy: by simply opening this page, you can view your public-facing IP data, including the IP itself, your internet service provider, as well as detailed location inferred from your IP.

Note that the latter might not be 100% accurate, since IP-to-location resolution systems rely on constantly updated databases, which are quite precise but still not perfect, given the millions and millions of IP ranges they need to keep track of.

In any case, we hope this tool helps you to stay informed and secure online – there are no banners, no hidden trackers, and no monetization to this tool – we do not store your IP or related information.