1xBet Zambia Review + Bonus 2023

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Is 1xBet worth your attention and money? That’s exactly what we have answered for you in this review. Through this comprehensive review you will know:

  • How feasible is it to deposit and withdraw money from 1xbet?
  • What kind of rewards and bonuses can new and experienced users get through 1xBet?
  • Should you actually your money on 1xBet?


It’s rare to see a new kid on the block beating the bigger more established players at their own game. But in the world of online bookmaking, 1xBet has managed to achieve this difficult feat. Despite being in the market for less than two decades, this company has managed to perform better than many long-running and well-established bookmakers and has also become one of the most well-known bookmaking brands internationally. Some credit for this massive rapid growth can be given to the marketing team at 1xBet, but even bigger credit has to be given to the operational team who have managed to provide one of the most comprehensive sportsbooks and great gambling options all from a single platform that attracts new and expert users alike.

About 1xBet

1xBet is a Cyprus-based online bookmaker that provides various betting-niche products to customers through its web portals and mobile applications. Originally established as a Russian betting venture, the company later moved its base in the EU by establishing its headquarters in Cyprus. The 1xBet platform currently has around 500,000 registered players, and with the company aggressively geared more towards more internet marketing and promos, this number can be realistically expected to grow even further in the coming days. The 1xBet platform is particularly well-known for its high-quality sports betting, casino, and gaming offerings, which has managed to attract players with varied tastes and levels of experience.

Security and Regulation

1xBet operates its bookmaking operations internationally through an eGaming license obtained from the island nation of Curacao, which is located in the Netherlands Antilles. While companies operating in such less restrictive jurisdiction aren’t legally obliged to enforce strong player-protection policies and are considered to be risky by many, 1xBet has consistently won the trust of players by implementing strong in-house player-protection policies and as a result. More recently, it has also been attempting to expand internationally and has been successful in getting local licenses across many countries of the world. 1xBet currently holds licenses for several African countries including Zambia, Uganda, Nigeria, Ghana, and Senegal. A strong indicator of 1xBet’s trustworthiness is its impeccable record of having avoided any major client-related issue throughout its years of existence, which is quite a rare feat in the world of bookmaking.

On to the technical part, 1xBet has adopted a very solid data protection policy that can easily be considered top-notch in the online bookmaking world. Aside from putting a 128-bit SSL encryption over all of its web traffic, it has also put secure user authentication measures like 2FA and biometric protection so as to make sure that each player gets the best protection and safety while using the 1xBet platform. Furthermore, the company puts all user data in its own firewall-protected server in an encrypted format to provide an added layer of protection to the user data.

The privacy policy of 1xBet appears to be fitting with the best standards of the bookmaking industry. While the company does collect user data, it considers whatever it collects as a necessity to comply with international and local regulations, as well as ensure the authenticity of each member on the platform. Thus, like almost every legally running betting platform on the internet, 1xBet encourages the use of authentic profile information for the use of the platform. It’s also essential for users to submit an identification document in order to make their first withdrawal of their winnings from the platform. Considering the level of fraud and theft occurring on the internet, the usage of authentic identity and profile information can actually be considered to be an advantage, rather than a disadvantage for the player. Needless to say, everyone has to adopt some secure practices to ensure that their funds and identity information is safe, but on the platform-side it would be fair to say that 1xBet has left no stone upturned to ensure the optimal security of its users funds and private information.

Mobile Betting

1xBet has a really well-functioning platform that works seamlessly across almost every device that is capable of running a modern browser. The user interface is very responsive across every device, ranging from mobiles to laptops. Almost every offering from the company can be used as easily on a mobile screen as it can be on a laptop screen. The company offers apps for Android and iOS, but it can be even be used on any updated browser without pre-installation of an App. Their sportsbook is easy to navigate with just a few taps, while they have optimized version for most of their casino and table games.

Sports Betting

For any player, there are seemingly endless opportunities to bet on sporting events through 1xBet. Whether you want to bet in international events or you prefer Zambia-specific sports events, you are highly likely to find them listed in 1xBet. At any given time there are hundreds of sports betting options for present and future sports events on the platform, and they can be accessed in seconds with the help of the navigation menu or the search bar. But one particular feature that stands out in this platform is the Multi-Live feature which allows you to make a custom list of bookmarked events out of the choices offered on the website and conveniently observe the status of multiple events simultaneously from the same screen. Aside from regular sports, users can also place their bets for eSports events and even the outcomes of some non-sporting current events (like elections and award shows) through the platform.

Casino Games

You can find a wide variety of casino games on the 1xBet platform that will surely keep you hooked for hours. Besides offering dozens of games that you could find in a physical casino, 1xBet offers various platform-exclusive themed casino games. Beyond that, you can also play various in-platform single and multiplayer strategy games where you can even win real money. Finally, you can also try out their daily lottery on a day that you feel that lady luck is by your side.


There are lots of Poker games available to play on 1xBet including popular ones like Texas Hold’Em and Joker Poker. But if you like the more exotic versions of poker, you could also try games like Teen Patti and Indian Poker. With plenty of players playing on the platform across different poker rooms, you can join a multiplayer game within minutes. 1xBet also offers freerolls through which you can enter tables for free and get a shot at winning up to $30 in a day.

Opening an Account

Opening an account on 1xBet is simple and takes less than two minutes. All you need to do is fill in the profile details and provide your email address and once you confirm your email you are ready to begin playing. You can then choose the method to deposit your first balance on the platform and once the method is validated you can begin playing.

Deposits and Withdrawals

You can choose from a variety of payment methods to deposit and withdraw money at 1xBet. The platform supports several methods including cash, bank transfers, credit cards, mobile wallet, and cryptocurrencies. Players can begin their journey on the platform by depositing as little as $1.

VIP benefits

1xBet has a loyalty program in place that rewards regular players and allows them to climb to higher privilege levels. Players can climb eight levels until they finally get the ‘VIP Status’ that provides the biggest cashbacks and offers. VIP players also get benefits like dedicated support and privilege offers.

Customer Support

1xBet offers both voice and text customer support services. Voice support can be obtained by directly calling dedicated support lines, while text support is provided through website live-chat, social media and email. The support team responded promptly and politely to our queries, although we did feel that they could have been a little more enthusiastic.

Promotions and bonuses

Who doesn’t love bonuses and freebies? Well, 1xBet has plenty of them, and we really mean more than most of its competing platforms. From up to 100% welcome bonuses for new users to daily bonuses for regular players, there are plenty of offers floating every day on the platform. There is even a bonus point shop where players can exchange their collected points for several amazing goodies on the platform.

Some noteworthy promotions that we checked on the 1xBet platform were:

  • Lucky Friday and Wednesday offers: where you can earn up to $100 dollars in bonuses for deposits made on Friday. On top of that, if you participated in Lucky Friday, you can also get a further bonus of up to $100 on your deposits for the upcoming Wednesday.
  • 100% Bet Insurance: where you not only get the chance to be refunded part of your losings on lost bets
  • Daily Jackpot: which allows you the chance to win a big amount everyday by betting a specified amount on a specific event.
  • Accumulator of the Day: where players are granted an increase in odds by up to 10% for major sporting events.
  • Bonus Games: a chance to win attractive prizes everyday by playing several in-platform games like Lottery, Dragon and Chest.

Conclusion: Should I join 1xBet?

There is no doubting the fact that 1xBet is one of the most feature-filled bookmaking platform out there. It has all the options that appeal to not only the most avid players but also the sporadic fun-lovers, ranging from sports event betting to in-platform video games. Moreover, with all the top-notch security and privacy measures on top of multiple bonuses, it is safe to say that 1xBet is definitely a platform worth joining. So hop in and have fun!

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