Nairabet: Bookmaker Review 2020 + Free Bonus

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Nairabet is the number one Nigerian sportsbook for good reason. As their name suggests, they cater to Naira bets. But with fantastic odds and every sport you’d want to bet on, this site goes far beyond a banking method, delivering some of the best of the best action in the world. In fact, Nairabet may be the best sportsbook in all of Africa. Read on to find out the different ways they outshine the competition.

Nairabet Review

Founded in 2009 as the first licensed online sportsbook and casino in Nigeria, Nairabet has continued to set itself apart as the top choice in the region. Like all locally-based betting sites, Nairabet has to compete against countless offshore alternatives. However, by showcasing hyper-competitive odds across the thousands of events listed every day, Nairabet remains a favorite. Not only are you dealing with a local vendor, you’re not sacrificing any winning potential. That’s the best of both worlds in the online gaming market.

And while the sportsbook is the standout option when you’re looking to win on Nairabet, they house a decent selection of casino games, a Lucky 6 room, and virtual sports. Combined with all the extra resources they provide both their members and every website visitor — from sports betting tutorials to daily blog updates — this is a team unafraid to go above and beyond. If you’re looking for bonuses and coupons, they have you covered there as well.

Security and Regulation

Nairabet is fully licensed with the Lagos State Lottery Board (LSLB), which enforces strict regulations on Nigerian gaming bodies. So the same oversight body that regulates the Nigerian lottery approved Nairabet’s operational standards and security measures. Let’s say a player ever has a dispute that they can’t solve directly with Nairabet. They would be able to go to the LSLB. If they were instead to use an offshore sportsbook and had a dispute, they would have to go to a foreign regulatory body. Knowing you can get in touch with a governing body formed specifically for your protection — as well as betting at a sportsbook that’s approved by that same organization — adds an unmatched assurance of safety. Such
is the case with Nairabet.

Mobile Apps

While Nairabet does not have its own app that you can download onto your device, they do have a specially optimized site specifically for mobile betting. The URL is easy remember too: instead of just There, you’ll be able to easy navigate the betting options with the scrolls and taps of a smaller screen. You can also go to the normal website on your mobile device, but the experience is more enhanced on the mobile-specific website. All it takes it going to your phone’s web browser, typing in the URL, and then logging in to your Nairabet account – where you can even make deposits and withdrawals. Whatever the device, you’ll have a sportsbook you can bet on.

Sports Betting

You can place bets on Nairabet both online and via text. Online is likely the easiest, but if you’re internet connection is weak, text bets are a great option. You simply dial *5447*BetCode*Amount#. So if the bet code is 89898 on a prematch Premier League bet and you wanted to wager N500, you’d dial *5447*89898*500#.

However, betting on the site is even easier, and it’s where you find the bet codes anyway. You’re even able to type in the amount you want to bet and see how much you stand to win. At the top left of the sportsbook, you can set your preferred odds (Decimals, Fractions, or American). Then you can peruse thousands of events across dozens of different sports, from team to individual to racing.

Specialty features include offering things like Asian Handicap Pick 20, Pick 8 Boosted Premier League Bets, and beyond. Join or start syndicates to create enormous cash pools. Utilize the “Edit Your Bet” feature to better distribute your wagering. Look out for daily coupons that apply to the games you like to bet on. Experience an immersive In-Play betting section that has rapidly changing odds from real-time events happening around the world.

At Nairabet, a punter will find nonstop opportunities to win money. Whether you’re looking to place a simple prematch wager or setting yourself up for a massive accumulator jackpot, you’ll find something to get excited about. If nothing else, that’s a Nairabet guarantee.

Casino: Range of Games and Other Features

Keeping the sportsbook enthusiasm alive, Nairabet offers a pretty good virtual sportsbook that features league football, Euro cup football, horse and dog racing, and tennis. Not the most extensive we’ve ever seen, but plenty of action if you enjoy any or all of those sports. Many players even prefer virtual racing to betting on real-life racing just for the rapid rate of payout potential.

As for the casino games as we traditionally imagine them, NairaBet has an extremely limited selection. You can play six different Slots, European Roulette (no Blackjack or Craps in sight), six instant win games, four scratch cards, and both Bingo and Keno. That’s the extent of it. If you like to take a break from sports now and again and place other types of bets, they may have you covered, but if that’s something you do often, you might want to play some of the games in free demo mode beforehand to make sure they fit your style.

Opening an Account

You need to be located in Nigeria in order to have an account at Nairabet. You also have to be at least eighteen years or older. If that is the case, then signing up is incredibly simple. Choose a unique username and password. Select your nationality and country, your mobile number, and your email. If you have a promotion code, make sure to type it in during this phase as well. At the bottom, there’s a yes or no button selector, then you simply copy and paste the code in the box. Make sure to also read through the Terms & Conditions, which are important at an online casino for things like rollover requirements. Then proceed to the payment method you prefer.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Not only do you have to be in Nigeria to play at Nairabet, you also have to play using Naira only. But since the geographic restrictions are so specific, this shouldn’t be a problem. You can deposit using bank transfer, local pay agents, credit and debit card numbers, or use BANKIT or Quickteller. You can also pay at an ATM in certain cases. Most of these deposit options are also available as withdrawal options. You can only withdraw once per day, and the minimum for withdrawing is N1000. For more details, we recommend reaching out to their customer support team.

Customer Support

The friendly and highly knowledgeable Nairabet team is available 24/7, both answering any kind of question or concern as well as taking bets. The number is 0-700-NAIRABET, or 0-700-624-722-38. When you go to the website, you’ll also immediately notice the online chat customer support feature, where you can communicate with them without using the phone in real time. They also have an email, and their social media channels remain highly active, which is some form of “Nairabet” on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Promotions and Bonuses

Deposit on Monday between 9 AM and 9 PM for a 10% deposit bonus. It’s that simple! If you deposit N10.000, you’d have N11000 in your account. They also have daily coupons for the sportsbook, which you can check without even needing to login in. You can even see the coupons that are upcoming, which is unusual for an online casino. They usually roll them out as a surprise so that players won’t wait to deposit. Nairabet must just be that confident in their odds – and they are some of the best of the best online. Combined with free money you can use to bet even more, the winning potential is highly lucrative.


Nairabet isn’t for everyone in the world. It’s only for Nigerian bettors who want to deposit, play with, and win in Naira. If that applies to you, there’s no place that compares. The sportsbook has the events you’re looking for, the features you need, and the extras you want, all under one roof. The casino games are a bit lacking, but this is a classic sportsbook through and through, so the casino games are little more than a bonus way to win money. All in all, this is the best in-country option for those in Nigeria. Good luck and have fun!

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