Top 5 Operations in CS:GO and Cases of Matchmaking Battles

There are different ways to get skins in CS:GO, and one of them is opening cases. Their collections are regularly added with each significant update. It consists of implementing a specific DLC with new boxes, community maps with missions, unique coins, and other advantages. The cases include unique skins chosen from the best design projects on Steam Workshop. Let’s discover which events are considered the best and cases have the most desired skins for CS:GO battles.  

What Benefits do Operations Mainly Include? 

The events change seasonally, and each of them usually lasts no more than 6 months. The players typically appreciate the newly appeared items and set up high prices. During the operation’s first months, the normal skins’ cost is twice increased, and the case price can reach up to $10. A battle pass is required to acquire the benefits, which usually has a different price.

So, the profit for joining the CS:GO battle operation is in the following aspects: 

Maps. The best workshop designs from the previous season become available for download. Each player can launch it from the game search console, and after the match, pass holders get the new drop for completing missions. 

Coins. It can be improved from bronze to gold after completing the operational missions. Players can’t sell the item on the market or trade it with others (it represents the entire operation statistics in the inventory icon). 

Missions. The primary events included only tasks completed during the matchmaking games. The pass holders get the reward only if they stay until the match ends. Completing tasks on each map included getting the skin from the corresponding map collection (for instance, the prize for missions on Mirage consists of an item from the Mirage set). There are only 2 tasks to complete weekly. 

Campaigns. The “Vanguard” operation introduced battle CS:GO campaigns with paid and free missions. Each included different stories with a specific plot and the hero’s final destination. 

Journal. It collects the statistics of each player and their Steam friends’ game performance during the pass activation. The information includes the headshot percentage, number of completed missions, game hours, etc. 

Each event leads to the community’s wish to instantly get the new items, which may cost more than the previous operation ones. Several collections are still remembered for their unique collections. 

Online CS:GO Case Battles for Collection Items

The old skins are highly valued by the community and are usually hard to get because of new events. Nowadays, the players join specific CS:GO case battles where the winner gets the drop of the others. Firstly, the players create a custom lobby, defining the cases for opening and their amount. The one who gets the most expensive drop becomes a winner. Even 1 expensive item can change the battle’s result, mainly depending on the player’s luck. 

Best CS:GO Operations

Here you can find the list of the CS:GO operations, which the community considered the most exciting. The items are still highly demanded, and some of them are expensive due to their rarity. 

The battle pass for the CS:GO event was available for approximately $4-5. One of the main benefits was 8 maps, which allowed users to play “Competitive” and “Deathmatch” (the previous “Payback” maps were available only for classic. Their unique skins also appeared and were randomly given after the match ended.

The operation’s case includes several valuable items, and the players still hunt several of them:  

  • AWP “Graphite”. 
  • P90 “Emerald Dragon”. 
  • AK-47 “Fire Serpent”. 
  • P2000 “Ocean Foam”. 

Even players without CS:GO battle pass can acquire the box during the operation. Nowadays, there is also a slight chance to get the case after the match, and the package is still one of the most expensive in the game. 


The operation was introduced in February 2014, and its pass was $2 cheaper than the previous ones. One more unique feature is that cases were dropped only for the event members.

The case includes items which are still popular among the most devoted game fans: 

  • AWP “Asiimov”. 
  • AK-47 “Redline”. 
  • AUG “Chameleon”. 

The update also included several competitive maps with different game scenarios. The players who spent more time playing got the improved operation coin, recognized by the experienced gamers nowadays. 


The operation is famous for its new campaign modes, enjoyed by the community. They were: 

Sniper (counter-terrorists): the task is to train and eliminate the leader of the Phoenix Connexion. 
Revolution (terrorists): the player should provide the terrorist’s group activities and interfere with the special forces mission. 
The battle pass for CS:GO “Falchion case” also included an innovative knife model. The popular skins are AK-47 “Aquamarine Revenge”, AWP “Hyper Beast”, M4A4 “Evil Daimyo”, etc. 


The operation Hydra included 30 missions of the “Guardian” campaign and 3 new game modes: 

Wingman. It is a shortened 2v2 competitive match, with 15 game rounds and one plant position. 

Flying Scotsman. The mode allows playing only with an SSG-08 and a knife, and due to the gravity dysfunction, players can fly. 

Weapons expert. The teams play 20 rounds, with each item available for buying only once. 
The popular items of the Hydra collection are AWP “Oni Taiji”, Five-Seven “Hyper Beast”, “M4A4 Hellfire”, and others. 


Those who got a CS:GO battle pass for the operation were allowed to play 5 community maps on the Source 2 engine. This pass was expensive compared to the previous, and cost $15. The Riptide case includes skins with the modern design such as Desert Eagle “Ocean Drive”, Ak-47 “Leet Museo”, Glock-18 “Snack Attack”, etc. 

To Sum Up

Overall, the operations included many benefits, which each player wanted to acquire after buying the battle pass for CS:GO. The collections were famous for their beautiful skins, exciting campaigns, and other advantages. The cases can be dropped nowadays after the match, and the skin set’s rarity defines its price on the market. 


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