Binatex: Broker Review and Trader Feedback 2022

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If you’re already into trading or you’re up to it, you’ve probably heard of the broker called Binatex. Binatex has a number of good feedbacks which are posted by traders from all over the world. The point here is that it suits traders of different levels and ensures that one has everything he or she needs at his/her fingertips. It’s especially useful in the modern world which is full of hustle and bustle of everyday worries and hard work. Binatex helps its users to make money anytime and anywhere, you should just have a PC/laptop and the Internet connection.

General information

Binatex is a reliable broker that was founded in 2015. Binatex reputation was made by being the one of the fastest growing companies in the online trading market. It is known for having 1 264 104 users from 74 countries (and the number is growing fast), 6 international awards, unique features, etc. The platform is brought up to date nearly every day. Binatex offers trading services and a wide range of analytical tools in order to make your trading experience better.

Advantages and disadvantages


The platform: Binatex platform is intuitive and user-friendly. It responds to all the needs users have and it’s being made even better every time it’s updated.

Features: Several features are offered on Binatex and the most interesting among them are called “Tournaments” and “Wheel of Fortune”.

Tournament is an online trading competition. The list of the winning competitors, which is updated during the competition, is available right here, at the bottom of the page. Every Tournament has its winners and, of course, prizes. Although, the prize fund isn’t big, the tournaments take place once in several hours which is quite often. Moreover, every tournament is free and one could participate in it, you should just start trading. That motivates traders a lot and helps to escape from the trading routine in order to work even more efficiently afterwards.

The Wheel of Fortune is a scale which increases when the user is active. The more he or she is active on Binatex, the faster the scale increases. The goal is to make the scale full and to get 8 useful add-ons or effects (as they are called on Binatex), among which: loyal transaction cancelation, VIP-status (another great feature), increased profitability, etc.

Demo-account option: The broker offers a demo-account option which is meant be a training tool for every trader. A novice could start from the demo-account just to look around and to understand some basic trading principles. It’s also suitable for those who have dived into trading long ago and want to test some strategies without using real money or to develop some certain skills.

The minimum deposit: Minimum deposit amount is 10 USD or 10 EUR. It’s quite affordable.

Official partner: Binatex is the official partner of Alex Volkov and that’s the great news for those who are interested in MMA. Binatex supports physical development, too.


VIP-level for pros: VIP-level (the 11th) suits professional traders only as a long way should be passed in order to obtain this one. It’s given to user whose deposit is 300 USD or EUR or more. Nevertheless, it’s given for free to every new user and it’s available for 3 hours.

Small number of assets: Binatex could offer not a big number of assets (currency pairs, company shares, commodities).

Trading conditions

As for the trading conditions, Binatex offers the low minimum deposit (it’s only 10 USD or EUR). Binatex ensures safety of your funds as they’re kept in European bank.

The broker could be called one of the highest payout brokers on the market as it has paid about 2 million USD to its traders already.


Binatex offers different kinds of assets. They are currency pairs, company shares (like those of Apple, Facebook, Google, etc.), commodities like gold and oil.

Trading platform

Binatex created the platform which could be described as unique due to a great number of features available here. The broker continues to develop the platform and to bring it up to date as often as possible. As a result, Binatex won an award “Best Platform” in 2016. The platform is totally user-friendly and intuitive.

The platform created by Binatex is available for both Mac OS and Windows. There is no a mobile app but it’s being developed and it’ll be available at Apple App Store and Google Play Store soon.

Mobile Trading

Binatex gives its users an opportunity to trade using not only their PCs or laptops but also their mobile phones (via browser). It’s convenient as in the modern world many of us just don’t have an opportunity to be around our PC for a long time or to bring our Mac with us, so one can trade using his or her mobile. As it’s already said, Binatex developers are in the process of the app development. And that’s another great news for those who prefer trading using their mobile phones. The mobile app is guaranteed to be as convenient as PC version.

Demo account

If you visit Binatex for the 1st time, you’ll notice that your way starts from the demo-account. What’s that for? The demo-account looks like the real one and it gives one a chance to have more information on how the platform works. It’s also used as “the field for practice”. You have 10 000 virtual USD here and can use them for your practice. Another option is to use the demo-account in order to test some strategies. It’s used by both novices and pros.

Account types

A far as you can understand, Binatex has two types of accounts which are the real trading account and the demo-account (we’ve described this one before). The demo-account is the 1st thing you see when you have just filled out the registration form and signed in. The demo-account could be switched to the real one by clicking the real account button at the top of the page.

One is required to verify his or her identity to withdraw funds.

You should fill in your card number, its expiration date, the name of the card holder and CVC in order to deposit funds.

Opening an account

There is no need to complete a lot of actions in order to open an account on Binatex. It’s quite simple. You should fill in your email address and sign in. That’s it. The password is created automatically, so it’s better to change it.

There is also a password recovery option. One should click “Forget the password?” and it’ll be sent immediately to the specified email address.

Funds withdrawal

You can withdraw your funds to the card (or the wallet) that has been used to deposit your account.
It takes 3 working days to proceed your withdrawal request.

Trader training

The special educational section could be found on Binatex, too. There is a number of trading articles and other materials to improve or develop your skills and make you trading even more efficient.
There are also some video lessons which could help you to learn more about different patterns.

Should I trade with Binatex?

Binatex suits both novices and professional traders, so if you’re a newbie, you’ll find it useful to begin your trading career here.

Binatex has a lot of positive feedbacks, people from all over the world share their trading experience and praise Binatex for its platform, which is called “neat” and “user-friendly”, support service, which is available 24/7, etc.

Binatex has won the hearts and minds of its traders as it is client- and goal-oriented.

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I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out which broker is the best one. I’ve scrolled thousands of webpages reading reviews and comments. Finally, i’ve chosen three brokers, one of them is Binatex. Now i’m going to test my top-3 in order to understand which one suits me best. As for Binatex, there are no disadvantages found so far. Withdrawals are ok, i’ve withdrawn 200$ so far. The platform works well. Ok, we’ll see…


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